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New SEC Ruling Could Prompt More Sales Calls

Most recently, the SEC adopted a new rule to lift the ban on general solicitation or general
advertising for certain private securities offerings to high net worth investors.
The amendment permits general solicitation or general advertising in offering and selling
securities, provided that all purchasers meet the requirements of being accredited investors.
Accredited investors are those individuals with a certain level of income and/or net worth as
outlined by the SEC definition of Accredited Investors.

In the past, regulatory requirements permitted that certain private securities offerings be limited
to qualified institutional buyers or have a preexisting relationship with prospective investors
before they could solicit the individual. Firms were prohibited from doing general solicitation,
sales advertising, or other forms of public advertising of the private securities offered.
With the new restrictions lifted, companies will now be able to solicit investors on the internet,
through advertising and other direct marketing channels. The firms will still be required to take
the necessary steps to insure that all investors are accredited investors.

As a result of this new change in regulations, you might experience an increase in marketing
solicitations, calls and letters from firms interested in presenting you with private securities
offerings. Since this category of offerings has no historical performance, tends to be higher risk
opportunities and complex in nature, we advise you to explore with caution. If you would like any
support from us in evaluating any of these offerings, please feel free to call us at anytime.
For more information, see the complete rule amendments and proposed rule available at