LeTort Investment Management

Our Investment Philosophy

We believe that having an Asset Class Allocation Plan is the starting point and most important element for an effective investment management plan.  Determining the right asset mix for your long term goals and then staying the course is the key to long term success. Timing the market has proven to be a disaster for many investors. Studies have shown that left alone, investors who try to time the market consistently buy high and sell low allowing fear and greed to drive their decision making process.

When selecting fund managers, we strive to contain costs through prudent reviews of internal management fees. We have a value bias when reviewing investment options with the belief that the most logical approach to investment management is to select reasonably priced investments compared to their intrinsic value. And, as patient capitalists we look to our investment strategy to work in the long term and avoid irresponsible changes to investment managers with every market turn.  We stay true to our discipline unless we see evidence to make a necessary change. 

Although we do not believe in market timing, we take an active approach to management of the asset allocation mix, conduct superior due diligence on our fund managers and periodically review your plan and portfolio to rebalance your portfolio to stay in continuous alignment with your long term goals. Active rebalancing is our way to avoid taking undue risk with your portfolio, and keeping your investments on track.