Investment Philosophy & Process

A Time Honored Investment Process

We utilize a well disciplined, well diversified approach to portfolio management incorporating our belief that each asset class has a specific function within the portfolio and each asset class is to be managed as a complement to the other asset classes. Cash or Money Market instruments often provide low interest earned but funds are always liquid and principal value remains constant.  This portion of the portfolio is structured to handle short term needs plus an emergency reserve.

The Fixed Income portion of the portfolio uses high quality individual securities/mutual funds including Government, Government Backed or Investment Grade Corporate bonds to cover cash flow needs over at least a five year business cycle and to manage the risk of stock market fluctuations. The allocation is structured with maturities laddered to provide a range of maturities s providing choices to increase Cash, re-invest in fixed income or transfer to equity at alternating points in a market cycle.

 The Equity allocation is invested in a portfolio of Mutual Funds and/or Separate Accounts with a  sub-class allocation made up of selections from best in class products offering: active/passive management, a focus on company capitalization i.e. large cap, small cap etc., investment style (growth, value, core etc.), specialized geographic concentrations and other areas of focus. The Equity portfolio selection process incorporates a high level of due diligence through our experienced investment committee and a disciplined, objective investment due diligence firm.  Using proper asset allocation we can feel confident that the equity portion can be put to work for principal growth over the long-term knowing that short and intermediate volatility can be mitigated using cash and fixed income and be tolerated for the benefit of a greater total long-term return.

The Advantage of Enhanced Due Diligence   

As part of our system of checks and balances and our goal of continuous improvement, we employ the services of an independent consulting firm – Pittsburgh, Pa.-based BilkeyKatz Investment Consultants ( BilkeyKatz is an industry leader in institutional investment consulting whose consultants have more than 60 years of combined experience assisting large pension and profit sharing plans, corporations and other business entities, charitable organizations and high net worth individuals/family offices in achieving long-term investment success.

As our active and valued consultant, BilkeyKatz brings objective and independent analysis to assist LeTort in evaluating the managers we use, the asset classes we invest in, and the general manner in which we work to grow our clients’ portfolios. BilkeyKatz’s investment philosophy has proven successful over time and throughout a wide range of market cycles passing the ongoing scrutiny of sophisticated institutions. In addition, the BilkeyKatz philosophy is perfectly aligned with the investment style and philosophy of LeTort Trust.  As a result, we are confident that our process and the service provided to you are enhanced by the experienced consulting services of BilkeyKatz.