Investment Management

Investment Management

We believe asset allocation is the most important element for an effective investment management plan. We use asset/liability matching and your tolerance for volatility to determine the right asset mix for your long-range goals and then revisit regularly for long-term success.

Timing the market has proven to be disastrous for most investors. Studies show that without guidance, investors who try to time the market consistently buy high and sell low, allowing fear and greed to drive their decision-making process.

When selecting fund managers, we are committed to containing direct and indirect costs. We believe that consistency of process and philosophy are critical inputs for successful management teams.  We have a value bias when reviewing investment options and avoid chasing performance as the market cycles through each new trend.

Although we do not believe in market timing, we take an active approach to managing your asset allocation mix. We conduct rigorous due diligence on our fund managers and regularly rebalance your portfolio to align with your goals. Active rebalancing is our way to avoid taking undue risk with your portfolio and to keep your investments on track.

As always, we are invested right alongside our clients.